Heather Walk Condominium
Heather Walk Condominium Inc.
Section 718.303(3) Florida Statute in part states the association is permitted to fine up to $100 per day, up to $1000 in total per violation.
Broken Rules That Strike A Chord
Not listed in any particular order these are the most common rule violations.
1. Parking a vehicle without a parking decal in a reserved spot, or vehicles with a parking decal in a guest spot.
2. Operating a wood, charcoal or lp gas fueled  barbecue grill or hibachi grill on a patio or balcony.
2. Tampering with the outside fire alarm pull box or the sirens inside the unit.
4. Walking a dog without a leash and or not picking up the dogs waste.
5. Leaving a dog unattended on a patio or balcony which results in the dog barking constantly.

A. Placing food on a patio or balcony or in an atrium or around  buildings to feed feral animals.
B. Hanging rugs, sheets or laundry on the balcony railing or patio fence.
C. The storing of material like ladders or an lp gas tank on a patio or balcony.
D. Not ensuring the tv satellite provider has installed the cables to the building securely and neatly.
E. Playing music to loud or talking to loud on the patio or balcony from late evening to the early morning hours.