You can:

Reservation fee, conditions & rules:
Heather Walk resident $150.
Maximum number of guests: 50

PS The board of directors or residents have reserved the clubhouse on these
A security deposit of $250 is required.
Funds are required within 5 business days of application.
The association can provide 20 chairs & 5 tables upon request.
a. Reserve the clubhouse online from here: reservation request
By submitting a clubhouse reservation request you agree to the following.

A. To indemnify the association against any liability arising out of the use of the clubhouse. The applicant is solely liable for the conduct
and actions of their guests, including damage to association property. You, the applicant must be present for the duration of the event.

B. To not charge an admission fee. To keep the clubhouse a smoke free zone. To inform your guests to observe parking rules and you
agree that amplified music that can be heard beyond the clubhouse causing a disturbance is prohibited.   

C. To only attach decorations to tables or chairs and that the use of walls, ceilings, banisters, doors, windows, window sills, lighting fixtures
or a/c vents to attach decorations with tape, tacks, nails, screws, push pins, clamps, glue, ribbon, string or anything else is prohibited.

D. The security deposit will be refunded in full when: all trash is removed and properly disposed; the clubhouse has been swept clean; the
furnishings and fixtures of the clubhouse and surrounding area have not been abused, stolen, damaged, or soiled. The security deposit
may be withheld if these conditions have not been satisfied.

E. Repairs for damages shall be made as authorized by the board of directors. When the cost of repairs exceeds the security deposit, an
assessment against the applicant will be made. Payment of such assessment is the sole responsibility of the applicant and is due and
payable upon notification.

F. The board of directors reserve the right to refuse use of the clubhouse to any applicant whose use may cause a hardship
to the residents of Heather Walk. Hardships include but are not limited to excessive noise, traffic, number of guests, or other
uses that conflict with established HW rules and regulations.
b. Reserve the clubhouse over the phone: 305.254.7228 extn 212 between 8 am and 5 pm.
Welcome. The Heather Walk clubhouse is available to residents for private social functions. Exclusive use of the facility is available on a fee basis. You have the option to reserve the clubhouse online or over the phone with management. The clubhouse is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please read the rules found below before completing a reservation request.
Celebrations are limited to the ground floor of the clubhouse between the hours of 11 am and 11 pm.
Heather  Walk  Condominium
3. All guests at a clubhouse function shall be instructed by the Heather Walk Condominium Inc. owner  or
tenant  to park their vehicles on SW 138 Street or in the Satellite parking lot.

4. Functions limited to fifty, (50), people during the hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

5. A clubhouse reservation form must be completed by the owner or tenant and submitted for approval.

6. A cash deposit is required and will be refunded in full after an inspection of the premises shows that no
damage has been done or garbage remains.

7. For exclusive use of time and to cover the cost of electricity and water a charge is made for renting the
clubhouse. A supplemental fee of half the daily rental charge is required if access is needed for each
additional day to set up or break down.
2. Clubhouse use is limited to the interior confines of the ground floor of buildings, and does not include
the second floor, surrounding area, pool or pool patio.
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The clubhouse may be reserved by a resident unit owner or a tenant unless the tenant has waived such
rights back to the owner, in writing, for use as follows;

1. The clubhouse shall not be used for any commercial gathering. It is for personal social occasions only,
which includes use for peaceable assemblies such as inviting public officers or candidates for public
office to appear and speak.