A. Concrete floors
B. Load bearing walls
Painted stuccoed wall finish
Plumbing as shown: drain and service
E. Painting the outside of front doors
F. Mail box - excluding lock and key
G. Patio and balcony concrete floor
H. Balcony and stairway railing
I. Wooden fence & painting fence exterior
J. Roof, mansards, shingles, attics
Several association responsibilities include:
Several unit owner responsibilities include:
1. Carpet, tile, or wood flooring
2. Walls that do not bear loads, drywall
3. Front door{s}, sliding glass door
4. Windows, screens, shutters or panels
5. Air conditioner air handler, compressor,
drain line, freon line and support stand
6. Lock and key for mail box
7. Painting the interior of a wooden fence
Optional wooden gate, attaching fence

The association has established structural demarcation points as set forth in the Heather Walk Declaration of Condominium. A demarcation point determines a physical point of ownership and with few exceptions, when two or more units share the same asset it is the associations responsibility to make the repairs. So lets say a backed up drain pipe has flooded a unit, the party responsible for repairs would be determined by the cause and the location of the blockage in the pipe. The association is not responsible when it is determined that negligence or abuse, intentional or not has caused a clog by either the unit owner, a tenant or some other occupant of the unit.

Heather Walk Condominium Incorporated