HW history begins with Arrojado Corporation purchasing two adjoining properties with the intentions of developing one apartment complex spread over both properties. Arrojado secured a $5.2 million dollar loan to do so, but as construction progressed it was realized more capital would be needed, so a decision was made to develop two communities: one as a scaled down version of the original apartment complex, to generate rental income and the other as a condominium, to generate income from unit sales. The apartments were built on property known as Briar Bay Sites and the condominium was built on property known as Briar Bay Tract Section One. So as Arrojado intended to develop one apartment complex but instead developed two communities resulted in some unexpected considerations, one being the condominium name, you see the architectural plans dated February 1969 designate it as Briar Bay Apartments. Another is the satellite lot, planned as a parking lot for the apartment complex, would later be assigned to Heather Walk. Since the condominium was not the original plan neither was the clubhouse and it had to be built somewhere.

The satellite lot was seriously considered but it was decided a more central location was more appealing and thats why it stands where it is today. So with construction ongoing marketing of Heather Walk begins and the first board of directors were formed consisting of three employees from Arrojado Corporation. At the time the Heather Walk Declaration of Condominium was recorded in the Public Records of Dade County, all buildings, units and improvements were not completed but Arrojado Corporation said they would be within 12 months of the recording and they were. At this time Leadership Housing, management and sales division, based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, was employed to sell units and run the day to day affairs of the condominium. Units were made available for purchase in March 1973 and during that time the original sales address was located at 9001 sw 138 street. In time the sales office moved to 13701 sw 91 court. On September 07, 1973, 9006 sw 137 terrace unit c was the first unit to acquire a deed of conveyance.

With unit sales winding down Arrojado Corporation withdrew Leadership Housing from the property handing absolute authority to Heather Walk unit owners (second Board of Directors) on December 31, 1976 and like every board thereafter ran the condominium without assistance from a management company until Hurricane Andrew slammed Miami on August 24, 1992. ~ The rebuilding of Heather Walk began September 17, 1992 ending on September 24, 1993. Rudolph Libbe Incorporated, headquartered in Walbridge Ohio, rebuilt Heather Walk from damage caused by Hurricane Andrew: total cost $8,370,437.49 having a relative value in 2015 equivalent to $14,115,731.57 as applied to the Consumer Price Index.

Heather Walk has been featured in The Miami News
The Miami News featured a story about Heather Walk on Friday, March 30, 1973. The article focuses on the garden style condominium detailing many features within units.

Heather Walk has been featured in The Miami Herald
The Miami Herald featured a story about Heather Walk on Sunday, March 11,1973. Jaime Borrelli is credited with designing the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is described as being painted with strong primary colors of red, yellow and blue at architectural accent points that are reflected in the 20 x 40 foot pool. The article lists the intended use of each individual room within the clubhouse.

The following was copied from a Heather Walk Condominium sales brochure distributed in 1973.

Heather Walk Condominium

"Get next to everything for next to nothing. At last. Condominium living with a new twist. Heather Walk... A way to get your family into a very posh neighborhood with out getting your finances out of whack. If the idea of luxury at low prices feels strange, don't let it throw you. Heather Walk is the brainchild of Leadership Housing, Inc., and we didn't get to be one of the nation's top 20 builders by compromising quality. Or price. Or new ideas...Now that you know the surroundings are classy, look over our residences. And the super recreation package we've planned. Your own 2-story Clubhouse. With natural fireplace, saunas, billiard room, teen fun room, exercise and game rooms, kitchen, the works. That's inside. Outside, notice where we've planned the open spaces, winding walks, swimming pools and kid's playground. And you probably know already how close you'll be to schools, churches and the fabulous Dadeland Mall. So, look over these floor plans, residence features and down home prices, then tell us: Is Heather Walk the place that young adults and growing families can get next to everything for next to nothing? We think you'll think so."

Separately the brochure lists 'Air conditioning in kitchen' and 'custom, full length drapes' as some of more than 22 unit features that were included in the initial purchase price.

Arrojado Corporation
707 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90067
Land surveyors....................
A.R. Toussaint & Associates Inc.
North Miami, Florida
Architect- HW units..............
Arthur Perrin
2733 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Commission # 6815 phone 446-7669
Architect-HW clubhouse.......
Jaime Borrelli
Consulting engineers...........
Bliss & Nyitray Incorporated
4014 Chase Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida
Engineering company..........
VTN Incorporated
Coral Gables, Florida
Kamal AI-Imam
Builder - Marketing..............
Leadership Housing Systems of Florida
2800 West Oakland Park Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Law firm..............................
Abrams, Anton, Robbins, Resnick &
Schneider, P.A
PO Box 650 Hollywood, Florida 33020
Author of HW documents......
Edward S. Resnick, Attorney

Fire alarm history: The State of Florida passed legislation requiring all condominiums in Florida to install fire alarm systems. After much delay the association complied by installing a fire alarm system in each of the eight residential buildings. To fund this project a special assessment was approved on August 14, 2007 for $317,800. Installation begins in December 2007. There will be two addendums: 1. to hard wire 16 telephone lines 2. purchase and install eight cooling fans, total $6,800. There will also be $3,000 in legal fees from contractual disputes. As this project progressed during the housing crisis about $7,000 will not be collected. The project is completed in June 2010. Effective July 01, 2010 the *State of Florida repealed the legislated requirement to install fire alarms in condominiums, that are less than four stories but required condominiums to maintain any system installed prior to July 01, 2010. This resulted as an expense to the association membership of $26,000 per year. (Amount indicated is first year bill for the annual maintenance agreement and monitoring contract.)

* Section 633.0215 (14) Florida Statute is revised to exempt a condominium that is less than four stories in height with an exterior means of egress from installing a manual fire alarm system under s. 9.6 of the Life Safety Code adopted in the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

These entities were involved in the creation of Heather Walk.
Publication: The Miami Herald, (FL)
Author:    BLANCA MESA Herald Columnist
Date: April 7, 1991

Residents of the Heather Walk Condominiums near U.S. 1
and Southwest 136th Street, next to The Falls Shopping
Center, are fighting the center's expansion plans for new
parking lots and ramps.

The parking lots, to be used by shopping center employees,
would be built underneath electric power lines near the

Residents say they fear the expansion plans will increase
crime, noise and traffic in the neighborhood. Landscaped
berms and trees would not provide sufficient buffers....
Publication: The Miami Herald, (FL)
Author:    BLANCA MESA Herald Staff Writer
Date: May 5, 1991

After more than two years of wrangling with neighbors
over a new employee parking lot for The Falls shopping
center, its developers on Thursday will unveil a new plan
before Metro commissioners they say will quell fears of
increased crime, traffic and noise.

But hundreds of residents from the Heather Walk
Condominiums and nearby Lake Lennar community say
they're not swayed.

"We just don't want the parking lot," said Marilyn Miller,
president of the 240-member Heather Walk...
The following two articles are excerpts from The Miami Herald printed in April and May of 1991.
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