Heather Walk Condominium Incorporated
The project had two phases:
Phase 1: Identify and remove palms having the most negative financial impact. The palms that remained were thinned leaving attractive specimens
like the one shown on this page. Phase 1 of the project was completed on October 15, 2009.

Phase 2: Palms that were removed were replaced by these variety of shrubs: Cherry, Trinette & Podocarpus. From hence forth it was agreed  
hedges would be maintained at window height and the remaining palms would be maintained at about 12 feet. The Board was pleased to announce
the Areca Palm Project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget in early February 2010. The moral of the story is trees do not belong
up against buildings and hope this never happens again.

The landscape at Heather Walk has certainly changed over time. Going back to 1973
the property was landscaped with many shade trees. Through the years not much
changed until 1992 when Hurricane Andrew would reshape the landscape forever.

After the storm passed Heather Walk was rebuilt (1992 - 1993) the property was
landscaped (1994 - 1995) with the planting of 270 palm trees, a combination
of Sabal and Queen palms.

It remained that way until 2004 when someone got this idea:
To plant a thousand plus, two foot tall,  Areca  palm  trees  within two feet of
every patio, wooden fence and up against every side of every wall  of  every
residential building, the clubhouse and both pool areas. (click on the image)

In early 2008 a new board discussed how Areca palms could grow to over 13 feet in
height and 3 feet in width in areas adjacent to buildings that were necessary to gain
access to for maintenance. Under those circumstances it significantly raised the cost
of labor for  painting the exterior of buildings and to repair or replace fencing.

To explain, walls and fences that are difficult to gain access to (blocked by palms)
cost more in labor to paint or repair than walls or fences that are easy to gain access
to. With this information the Areca Palm Project was board approved in June 2008
and given a start date in July 2008.

The project was simple, identify, then remove the intruding palms and replace them
with more appropriate landscape. Notices were delivered to residents (July 2008)
explaining the reasoning, the process, and given two years to complete.
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Landscape History