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Waste Management Recycle America:  Heather Walk participates in single stream  recycling which allows residents to mix  recyclable paper, plastic and glass in the same  recycle bin. Other accepted materials include  corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, telephone books, mail, newspaper, printer and copier paper. Materials that are not accepted are caps from plastic bottles, microwave trays, mirrors, windows, light bulbs, ceramics, porcelain, plastic bags, coat hangers, glass cookware, bakeware, cooking pots, or appliances like toaster ovens. Single stream recycling is made possible by mechanized screens and optical sorting technologies. At Heather Walk recyclable material is picked up once a week on Thursday morning.

The Heather Walk governing documents and Miami Dade County control the type of barbecue grills permitted in the community. Miami Dade County fire code adheres to The Florida Fire Prevention Code, which express barbecue grills fueled by charcoal, wood or gas may not be used on a patio or balcony in a condominium. Electric grills are permitted.

Refer to the Heather Walk rule on combustible materials found on page 4 which states: Materials such as paints, paint thinners, oils, gasoline, gas cans, etc. shall not be kept on balconies, patios, or in storage rooms. Additionally propane tanks, ( L.P. gas type) shall not be stored or used on balconies, patios or in units.

Miami Dade County Fire Department can issue a code violation and upon conviction you will receive a fine not to exceed $500 or imprisonment not to exceed 60 days, or both and Section 718.303(3) Florida Statute states in part the association is permitted to assess a fine of up to $100 per day, up to $1,000 in total per violation.

NEW & CURRENT RESIDENTS: Heather Walk Rules & Regulations do not permit residents to landscape in common areas. In limited common areas (patio or balcony) do not plant vines. Vines attach themselves to whatever is close by and must be removed before scheduled maintenance e.g. fence repairs. It is the process of removing the vines tendrils that increases the cost of labor to the association, therefore vines found attached to walls, railings or fencing shall be removed without notice. Heather Walk governing documents require the association to correct violations and bill the units account.

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Understanding Your Governing Documents: Heather Walk has three governing documents and rules & regulations. Each document has certain powers and are listed below in their descending order of authority. Notations: Section 718.103 Florida Statutes does not define rules & regulations thus it is not refered to as governing document. If a governing document conflicts with federal law, state law or county ordinance, the law or ordinance will prevail.

1st: Heather Walk Declaration of Condominium:
This document establishes the legal existence of the condominium and the ability to divide airspace into  horizontal layers of ownership. Further it binds all the owners to the association, establishes association  responsibilities, defines the rights and obligations of owners and the rights and protections of mortgage lenders.

2nd: Heather Walk Articles of Incorporation:
This document initially creates the corporation under Florida State law and defines the associations basic purpose and powers. It specifies such things as the name of the condominium, number of directors, how the board of directors functions, director compensation and a statement that the association is a non-profit corporation. You will find topics in the articles of incorporation also covered in the by-laws.

3rd: Heather Walk By-Laws:
This document contains provisions concerning actual association operations, such as meetings, director powers and duties, finance, assessements, liens, and how to amend the by-laws. You will find topics in the by-laws also covered in the declaration of condominium.

4th: Heather Walk Rules & Regulations:
The declaration of condominium establishes the existence of the rules & regulations and the by-laws authorize the board to adopt or amend the rules without requiring the approval of the associations membership prior to their being amended. Amendments cannot conflict with the governing documents, federal law, state law or a county ordinance.

Residents are reminded that all garbage must be bagged and placed inside the dumpster. Please do not leave any items on the ground next to the dumpster because waste management will not pick up discarded items left on the ground. Violators will be assessed and billed the cost of removing large items, with a minimum charge of $50. Contact management if you need more information concerning the removal of large items. Find the Heather Walk Rules & Regulations for garbage and dump site here.
Recycle bins are located next to the dumpsters. Please do not place non recyclable garbage in the recycle bins.

Meetings: Unit owners that attend board meetings are given the opportunity to be involved in the ongoing affairs of the community by assuring that the actions of the board of directors act in accordance with the Heather Walk governing documents.

These documents are the blueprint for how the condominium is organized and run. Adhering to these documents will preserve and enhance the investment each owner has in their unit.

Resolving a concern: If you feel a resident is not complying with a rule or any other Heather Walk governing document, you should point this out to management so the matter can be quickly corrected.

You can send an email that is factual and to the point from here. If your problem is one that others are affected by then include them. Concerns delivered in writing are actionable and when handled this way the problem should be quickly dealt with by management or forwarded to the associations law firm for review.

Remember, members of the board of directors are other owners who are serving without pay and want to resolve problems while keeping peace in the community.