Greetings and thank you for your interest in residing at Heather Walk.

The following information is provided in order to facilitate your move. Association documents require an application before purchasing or leasing a unit so apply early in the process so as not to delay your closing or your tenants move in date.

Allow up to ten business days for management to process an application after which you will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial. All adult applicants 18 and over must submit a fully completed, dated and signed application and application fee. When leasing a unit all adult applicants 18 and over are required to be listed on the the lease agreement accompanied by each applicants signature.

Upon receipt of your application and application fee, you can expect and authorize the association to: (1) check your credit report; (2) verify your employment;  (3) verify your previous landlord references; and (4) perform a criminal background check. We would encourage you not to apply if you have bad credit; bad references; have ever been evicted in the past or have a criminal record. Failure to obtain approval before taking occupancy will likely result in legal action to evict and the association will pursue you to recover legal fees.

Application Process
1. You may obtain forms by mail or in person at this address:
9000 southwest 152 street  suite 102                    
Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157

2. Return your completed Heather Walk application and other
required documentation and fees to Foster Company.
To avoid delays in processing your application make sure your
application is complete.

3. Completed Heather Walk applications will be processed by
the management company and then forwarded to members of
the Heather Walk Sales & Leasing committee for review.

4. The property manager  will schedule an orientation meeting  
to  help  you  better  understand the condominium documents.
Topics span from pets,
parking, elections, noise, clubhouse
rules and of course any questions you have will be answered.
Required documentation
1. HW application to purchase or lease. (provided by association)
2. Sales contract or lease agreement. (provided by owner)
3. Signed right of first refusal form. (provided by association)
4. Signed
commom violations form. (provided by association)
5. Signed rules & regulation agreement. (provided by association)
6. Veterinarian certification form. (provided by your veterinarian)

Within ten business days following a purchase, a copy of the closing  
statement or warranty deed must be presented to management in order
to keep your records updated and to send you future correspondence.

Heather Walk
fee schedule provides for administrative
costs, criminal history search and credit reports.
Married adults - $105 for each couple.
Single adults - $65 per each adult.
Children under 18 - no charge
Children 18 years of age and older - $40 per person.
Heather Walk Condominium Incorporated
1. As a purchaser of property at Heather Walk Condominium you will be obligated to be a member of the condominium association.

2. There have been and will be future recorded restrictive covenants governing the use and occupancy of Heather Walk properties.

3. You will be required to pay assessments to the association. Assessments are subject to periodic change. You will also be obligated
to pay any special assessment as approved by the HW Board of Directors. Special assessments are likely to reoccur over time.

4. Your failure to pay a regular monthly assessment or a special assessment could result in a lien on your property followed by a

5. There is a clubhouse rental fee when you request exclusive use of the Heather Walk clubhouse for private occasions.

The statements contained in this notice are only summary in nature and as a prospective purchaser, you should refer to the Heather
Walk governing documents and rules & regulations before purchasing a unit.
6. Before purchasing a unit you are entitled to a copy of the HW declaration of condominium, by-laws, articles of incorporation, rules & regulations, the most recent association financial report, the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers document and the condominium governance form, all at the sellers expense, less the governance form. Refer to Section 718.503 (2)(a) Florida Statute.
foreclosure action. The association will also demand, if there is one, of a tenant to pay to the association subsequent rental payments.
Important information for perspective buyers to consider prior to purchasing a unit.
Abiding by the rules underscores the nature of living in any condominium.

Association membership offers affordability, location, amenities and convenience, in exchange for that you have agreed to abide by the Heather Walk governing documents, which include rules concerning adults, children, pets, parking, vehicles, boats, music, the clubhouse, and the use of other common areas. Now whether or not you agree with these documents you are still bound by them because they are what you agreed to live by when you purchased your unit.  That is what living in any condominium is all about.

Violating the rules will result in a violation warning letter from management. If the violation is not corrected in the time specified, a second correspondence will be generated by the associations law firm which will likely result in legal expenses being incurred by the unit owner.

You can avoid that charge by correcting the violation in the notice that you received from management in the allowed specified time. If you disagree with the intent of the violation you may defend your point of view at the next meeting of the board. Your cooperation keeps peace in the community.