HeatherWalk.com site history, videos and video view counts.

The beginning The idea for the creation, development and growth of this site came from the current editor/ designer during the summer of 2007.

Off and on over the course of three months without announcement to the board of directors or the membership, ideas were put together to design HeatherWalk.com.

It was during the September 2007 board meeting that board members were informed that there was indeed a published website befitting the associations' membership.

At the close of the meeting attendees were anxious to return home to view the site.

The concept When the HW site debuted it had a red color theme which was phased out by 2010 which lent itself to its current design.

Back in those days the site had a few pictures of the property, no video and no audio but it did have a monthly spelling contest.

Since then it has grown to over 50 webpages, ad-free videos, slideshow's, online forms and an interactive map.

HeatherWalk.com continues to be expanded and updated as it has been since it was first introduced on September 01, 2007.

The end This site is scheduled to go off-line on January 01, 2019.

Video #1 On December 01, 2012  'HeatherWalk.com in 2 minutes' was uploaded to YouTube and given a privacy setting of *unlisted. It is a collection of thirty three of more than forty pages contained in the website at that time.

On April 08, 2014 the video was retired from the site. In those 16 months online it had been viewed 2,720 times.

On April 06, 2015 it was linked back to the  site  in an abbreviated version from which the count rose to 5,270. It has since been archived as of September 20, 2016.

* 'Unlisted' provides a more accurate view count because it is not in public view therefore it can only be viewed by a link within HeatherWalk.com, a link in an email or a link on a social media account such as Facebook. Statistical data provided by YouTube.

Video #2 On April 20, 2014 'HeatherWalk.com illustrated' was uploaded to YouTube and given a privacy setting of unlisted.

It is a collection of prominent past and then present webpages.

On September 20, 2016 the video was retired from the site.

In those 17 months online it had been viewed 3,556 times.

It has since been archived.

The bottom line in views: Tallying the view count, video #1; 5,270 plus video #2; 3,556 scores 8,826 views.

The two images on the right represented the two videos as they appeared on HeatherWalk.com when active online.

For illustration purposes only, images are not linked.
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