HeatherWalk.com view count and video history

On December 01, 2012 a video titled HeatherWalk.com in two minutes was uploaded to YouTube. It was a collection of 33 of the more than 40 webpages contained in the website at the time. In the 16 months that followed it had been viewed 2,721 times. On April 08, 2014 the video was retired from HeatherWalk.com. On April 06, 2015 it was linked back to HeatherWalk.com in an abbreviated version.

On April 20, 2014 a second video titled HeatherWalk.com illustrated was uploaded to YouTube. It is a collection of prominent past and present webpages. On August 20, 2016 it surpassed 3,300 views.
(This is the same video that frequents the home page.)

As of August 20, 2016, the first video, HeatherWalk.com in two minutes, along with the view counts from the abbreviated version have accumulated over 5,000 views and when combined with the second video, HeatherWalk.com illustrated, with over 3,300 views, totals more than 8,300 views for both videos.

For analytical purposes videos on HeatherWalk.com that are uploaded to YouTube are assigned a privacy setting of unlisted, this means the videos are hidden from public view and cannot be found through a word search on YouTube. They are usually accessed via a link within HeatherWalk.com, a link in an email or a link on a social media account such as Facebook. Statistical data provided by YouTube indicates 99% of the view counts come from the embedded player on HeatherWalk.com while 1% come from other traffic sources.

HeatherWalk.com illustrated: Plays 2 minutes 12 seconds.
Abbreviated version of original: Plays 1 minute 29 seconds.