Inconspicuous, mostly unnoticed undeniable facts about Heather Walk
The eighty, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom units are only housed
in three of the eight residential buildings, they are buildings
three, four and six.

Buildings 1, 2, 5, 7 and 8 house all the remaining models,
comprising of the 2 / 1,  2 / 2  and 3 / 2.

All buildings are built symmetrically top & bottom meaning
if you reside downstairs in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom your
neighbor upstairs has the same floor plan.

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Elsewhere on the property:
The storm drains on sw 138 street are connected to Miami- Dade Water and Sewer but the drains in every parking lot and
the satellite lot are not, those are all French drains and that is why some parking lots had signs warning of flood.

In 1989 three parking spaces were added to increase the number of parking spaces.  Two are located at the fence line
between building 4 and building 5 (the existing lot was expanded) & the other is at the north end of building 8 (all by itself).
There are 240 units which are divided up between 8 buildings. Building three has 16 units, the remaining seven have 32 units each.
Some time after Heather Walk was completed a chain link fence was erected but
138 street was still open to through traffic at both ends. In 1989 a decision was
made to close off the east end of 138 street by continuing the chain link fence
across the pavement and in 1990 that same area was beautified with landscape.  
In 1991 the gatehouse was built at the west end to further control the traffic. The
gatehouse was manned 24 / 7 up until 1995 when that service was discontinued
because the funding seemed excessive at $88,000 per year.
Now that you know a little about how the community became closed off to through
traffic, here's the rest of the fence story. Along 90th avenue in certain sections
there is the remains of another fence. Those remains were actually part of the
original fence but that section was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and
due to the insurance company not willing to cover the cost to clear out the heavy
undergrowth (at the time) the new fence was installed were it is seen today. The
variance between the original fence and the intact fence today has a range of two
to three feet in width.

A 1 bedroom unit can easily be identified from outside the unit
because only those units have an adjoining wooden fence with
the neighboring unit. The remaining models have their wooden
fences on one side or the other of a sidewalk and the red tiles
on those sidewalks within the atrium's were not included in the
original build out, the red tile was installed in 1983.

The patios & balconies of buildings 3, 4, & 6 facing the Falls
Shopping Center are the only patios & balconies facing north.
Heather Walk is located on about 13 acres of
land covering an area of 567,247 square feet.

There are 8 residential buildings, a gate house,
a clubhouse, a detached laundry room building,
two pools and a children's wading pool.

The property was built at a rate of 20 units per
acre (excluding square footage of satellite lot).

When you walk the perimeter roads of Heather
Walk you will have walked 0.5166 of a mile.

The condominium is surrounded by 3,402 linear
feet of chain link fence and to get you from your
unit to a pool use any of the 2,889 linear feet of
concrete walk ways.
More inconspicuous yet in plain site little known facts of interest about the residential buildings revealed.
The clubhouse and the residential buildings had two different architects from two different firms. That explains why the
residential buildings have mansards and the clubhouse does not. The clubhouse architects (Bouterse Borrelli Albaisa
Architects Planners Inc.) also designed the Miami Police Department
building which is the same one that is in use today.
As the buildings were completed the post office would assign a mailing address and in doing so buildings would take on the
adjacent street, avenue or court associated with the geographical location of the building, the last three digits would then be
converted from numbers to letters as follows, 001 becomes A, 002 becomes B, 003 becomes C, 004 becomes D, after which
the conversion repeats itself in the next atrium like so, 005 becomes A, 006 becomes B, 007 becomes C, 008 becomes D.

Building 3 only has 8 ground floor units so its second floor conversion begins with unit 009 becoming E, 010 becomes F, 011
becomes G, 012 becomes H, unit 013 becomes E, 014 becomes F, 015 becomes G, 016 becomes H. All other buildings
have 16 ground floor units so there second floor conversion begins with unit 017 becoming E, 018 becomes F, 019 becomes
G, 020 becomes H, repeating again in the remaining three atriums.

The example for unit 3001 converts this way, the 3 is building 3 located on 137 terrace and would intersect with the 9100
block north and south, so the first number 3 of 3001 converts to 9100, the unit number 001 converts to A, and it is known
the building is adjacent to sw 137 terrace so therefore the address is 9100 sw 137 terrace unit A.

The 3rd way to identify a unit is by the legal description. That is the way Miami - Dade County identifies property for several
reasons including to assess property tax. The legal description also influences the way real estate companies list properties
because they always use a number, ie #1, #14, #21, #32 from the legal description in their listings and for Heather Walk that
means units will be identified by number rather than letter. In the example for unit 3001 or 9100 sw 137 terrace unit A the
legal description in part translates from 9100 unit A to 3 - 1. The 3 means building three and the 1 means unit A. In this
example the real estate company would list the property this way, 9100 sw 137 terrace #1 or #1-3.
How Heather Walk units were identified and addressed

Units at Heather Walk were advertised for sale before they
were built. Prospective buyers were able to inspect model  
properties to get a sense of the final product before
purchase. Buying this type of property is known as buying
off the plan. As units were completed each of the eight
residential buildings came to be and during this process
the developer would have identified each unit.  

The earliest of Heather Walk units that were completed
and sold have had a number of ways of being identified.
To better understand lets begin by choosing a unit in
building 3 on the south most east end of the first floor, the
unit would have been identified as  3001, take note there
is no unit letter. The three represents the building number
and the 001 represents the unit.
Unit owners own all the property within the fenced
in area of the condominium, well not exactly.

Unit owners do own their unit(s) and an undivided
interest in the common areas of the condominium.
Common areas are the clubhouse, pool areas, the
detached laundry room, gate house, sidewalks,
green ways and every parking lot.

Every parking lot but one. Actually it's a small
section in the satellite lot that does not belong to
the association. An offer was made by Bell South
Telecommunications and accepted by the
association on October 12, 1999, to purchase
land, 20 feet x 35 feet long with a six foot x 145
foot access strip. Located to the left of the car
wash area you will see a utility box and its the land
under the utility box as described that was sold to
Bell South for $10,000 to better serve their needs.
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