Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraphs of this Article VII, it is understood and agreed that as of the time this Declaration of
Condominium is dated and recorded in the Public Records of Dade County, Florida, all of the buildings, units and improvements contained
in this Condominium are not completed
; however, all units and buildings within this Condominium shall be shown and located in Exhibit No.
1 attached hereto, as provided in Article III of this Declaration, and said Exhibit No. 1 shall note thereon which units and building(s) are
completed as of the date of said Exhibit and which units and building's) are incomplete as of the date of said Exhibit; however, said Exhibit
No. 1 shall contain a graphic description of the building(s) and units located therein and a Plot Plan and, together with this Declaration,
they shall be in sufficient detail to identify the location, dimensions and size of the common elements, limited common elements and of
each unit.
The Developer shall complete the incomplete buildings and units and improvements within said Condominium within twelve (12)
months from the date of said Declaration
; provided, however, said time shall be extended by virtue of delays caused by Acts of God, acts
of governmental authority(s), flood, hurricane, strikes, labor conditions beyond Developer's control, or any other causes not within
Developer's control.
page D-5      ARTICLE VII