page 3 and 4    CLUBHOUSE
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Board and committee meetings are held at the clubhouse. Near the front door is a notice board with useful information such as the name
and address of the management company and a map of the condominium property. Notices of Board and committee meetings are posted
there. There is also a mail slot where you can deposit maintenance payments and correspondence for the Board of Directors or the
Management Company.

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The clubhouse may be reserved by a resident unit owner or a tenant unless the tenant has waived such rights back to the owner, in
writing, for use as follows;
1. The clubhouse shall not be used for any commercial gathering. It is for personal social occasions only, which includes use for
peaceable assemblies such as inviting public officers or candidates for public office to appear and speak.

2. Clubhouse use is limited to the interior confines of the ground floor of buildings, and does not include the second floor, surrounding
area, pool or pool patio.

3. All guests at a clubhouse function shall be instructed by the Heather Walk Condominium Inc. owner or tenant to park their vehicles on
SW 138 Street or in the Satellite parking lot.

4. Functions limited to fifty, [50], people during the hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

5. A clubhouse reservation form must be completed by the owner or tenant and submitted for approval.

6. A cash deposit is required and will be refunded in full after an inspection of the premises shows that no damage has been done or
garbage remains.

7. For exclusive use of time and to cover the cost of electricity and water a charge is made for renting the clubhouse.
A supplemental fee of half the daily rental charge is required if access is needed for each additional day to set up or break down.

8. An expanded version of the clubhouse rules may be found at HeatherWalk.com under Clubhouse policy.
page 5      FACILITIES
Facilities provided by the condominium are for the use of Heather Walk Condominium Inc. residents and their invited guests only. This
includes but not limited to, such rights as use of pool,
clubhouse, car wash, and parking space. Owners who rent their units transfer all
rights and privileges to the use of the condominium facilities to their tenant.