8414 pg 742  (fourth paragraph)

Individual parking spaces are located upon paved portions of the Condominium property.
Each Condominium unit shall be entitled to the
use of one (1) parking space
; however, the use of specific parking spaces shall not be assigned to unit owners or others and the parking
spaces located upon a Condominium are for the use of the unit owners and no unit owner shall be entitled to the continued use of any
specific parking space. The paved portion of the Condominium property contains more parking spaces than there are units in said
Condominium and said additional parking spaces shall be for the use of unit owners and guests.

All parking by unit owners and their guests shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Management Firm, as long as
the Management Agreement remains in effect, and thereafter, the Board of Directors of the Association.
page 3, 4 and 8 ~ 11  PARKING & PARKING RULES

Page 3
The washing of vehicles in parking lots is not permitted. The vehicles washing facility provided in the Satellite parking lot is for washing
vehicles and boats belonging to residents only. There is a hose, timer and switch. Check to ensure that the pump is turned off when you

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3. All guests at a clubhouse function shall be instructed by the Heather Walk Condominium Inc., owner or tenant to
park their vehicles on
SW 138 Street or in the Satellite parking lot.

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There are 240 parking spaces marked RESERVE for resident vehicles and 77 parking spaces marked GUEST for a resident second
vehicle or a visitor vehicle. Additional parking for a 3rd or more vehicle is available in the satellite parking lot by the gate house or on SW
138 Street.

Page 9
Residents must register all vehicles with the manager and update these records as necessary.
Violation of parking rules will result in vehicles being towed away at owners expense.

Section 30-475 of the Miami-Dade County Code states that a property owner or his/her authorized representative may, without incurring
liability, cause a vehicle parked without authorization to be towed away under the following circumstances.

When notice is personally given to the vehicle owner or other authorizes person in control of the vehicle, that the vehicle is parking in an
area reserved or otherwise unavailable for unauthorized vehicles and is subject to being removed at the expense of the vehicle owner or
authorized person in control of the vehicle;
When the vehicle has been parked without authorization on the property for more than forty eight hours;
In the case of any other unauthorized parking when notice is prominently posted on the property;
When the vehicle has been parked on the property for the principal purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale.

1. Each unit is entitled to one reserved space and the use of only one guest space, if available.

2. Vehicles parked in reserved spaces must have a current Heather Walk Condominium Inc. decal displayed on the lower right corner of
the rear view window. Vehicles with Heather Walk Condominium Inc. decals must not be parked in Guest spaces.

3. Heather Walk Condominium Inc. decals are available from the manager. Proof of ownership and of state registration are required. New
residents must have completed the screening process before they may receive a decal. All vehicles belonging to residents must be
registered with management.

4. Original decals must be turned in when requesting replacements, i.e., for new vehicles.

5. Only personal use cars, pickups and vans may be parked in the building lots.
All commercial vehicles, including official government vehicles not on emergency call must be parked in the satellite lot.

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6. Vehicles with defects such as leaking oil or gas shall not be parked anywhere on the condominium property. Such vehicles will be
towed after proper notice and any damage they cause to condominium property will be charged to the vehicle owner or unit owner.

7. Handicapped parking spaces marked with a blue sign will be alloted upon submission of a written request and copy of the State
Registration/Authorization for Handicapped emblem.
Handicapped space will take the place of the reserved space to which the unit resident is entitled.

8. Motorcycles are subject to the same parking rules as other vehicles. For example they must not be parked on the sidewalk, grass,
within units, patios, balconies or in atrium's. No motor operated vehicle may be operated on limited common or common areas such as
sidewalks including cars, boats and motorcycles.

9. Residents who will not be using their vehicles for some time because of vacation, sickness, etc. should notify the management.
Seasonal residents must park their vehicles in the satellite lot before they leave Heather Walk Condominium Inc. and notify the manager.

10. All vehicles parked on condominium property should have current tags and must be operational under their own power. Any vehicle
which appears to have been abandoned will be removed from the condominium property.

11. Vehicles more than 17 feet long and/or 6.5 feet wide must be parked in the satellite lot.

12. Repairs to vehicles including oil changes must not be made on condominium property.
Exceptions are made for emergency repairs such as changing a tire, replacing/charging a battery. Any vehicle jacked up left unattended
will be towed at the owners expense.

13. All vehicles must be parked head in, not backed in. This is to prevent exhaust fumes damaging landscaping or entering ground floor

14. Vehicles parked in the Fire Lanes, on the perimeter road, 90 Avenue, 137 Street, 137 Terrace, 91 Court, or on any grassy areas, or
blocking any access, will be towed without notice at the owners expense.

15. Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, etc.
Must be parked in designated spaces in the satellite parking lot without the towing vehicle attached.
Must be owned by a Heather Walk Condominium Inc. resident or by a tenant who has given  management a copy of a waiver of rights to
all facilities by his or her tenant.
Must be fully operational. Must not be no more than 35 feet in length.

Page 11
Must bear a decal issued by the manager, for which proof of ownership and a state registration is required. Boats, Recreational
Vehicles, Trailers, etc without a valid decal will be given violation notices and towed. Boats must rest on properly licensed trailers.

16. Parking space for Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, etc. is first come first served basis and limited to one space per unit.

17. Trailers and vehicles used as storage containers may not be parked on condominium property, except on a temporary overnight
basis, for example when a resident is moving in or out of a unit.
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Violations of these Rules & Regulations shall be subject to fines, arbitration or civil actions.